Water for drinking, water for washing, light, flowers, FOOD, incense, music... these are the seven offerings made in Tibetan Buddhist sadhana practice. When we offer the best to others we also receive because ultimately there is no giver, no receiver, no gift... there is no separation. And yet, we live a relative realm and we must nourish ourselves and others. Part of the DAWA experience is to source the best each location has in harvest, and to offer our retreat guests repast that is pleasing to all the senses! 

Fresh & Organic

We will be making every effort to provide and have access to quality food. Local, sustainable, delicious. As much as possible the mainstay of our offerings will be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free, but we'll also offer a robust array of choices (being mindful of the local cultures' practices) for those who choose animal proteins as well.   




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