Happiness, serenity, less stress... these are great byproducts of meditation, but they are not the goal. The goal is to transform ourselves so that we can meet any situation or person with clarity, pure vision, and equanimity. Every adventure incorporates traditional meditation instruction and time spent in the still postures, but with DAWA we like to integrate our mindfulness meditation into our movement, and everyday living. Time on the cushion is great, but it is incomplete if you don't focus on bringing a meditative mind with you when you get up from your lovely louts pose and walk in the world with the wisdom found in meditation.


D.A.W.A takes the adventures on the road whether it's around the block or around the globe. Indonesia, India, Mexico, America, France, Brazil, Portugal... these are just some of the countries on the current travel manifesto. We will cross geographical boarders as well as move past our limiting mind sets.


Explore ...

We'll explore other cultures beings sensitive and gracious gracious guests in the world at large. 




D.A.W.A (which means "moon" in Tibetan) seeks to shine a light on commonalities in cultures. We all look to the same moon. There are many ways to travel, explore, and connect with others, and with ourselves. Travel past your limitations, explore your talents and growing edges, connect with others around the world, and get in touch with your own true nature within.